Stronger branding and CRO for an established company

VPSHISPEED is a VPS (virtual private server) and cloud hosting company located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They specialize in providing reliable, secure, and fast web and data hosting solutions for individuals and businesses in Thailand and southeast Asia.

They are a strong company with a great reputation, but their branding and overall aesthetic was not selling this message. This was evidenced by less-than-desirable sales rates per website visit.

I pitched them a plan for improving their online brand, with an emphasis on developing a consistent theme and appearance across their websites, sales channels, and platforms. The result of my work was a brand new primary website, a more functional sales flow, and a friendly, customer-centered, user experience.

The project was completed and launched in mid-October 2018. The results are clear:

  • Bounce rate from 80-85% to 55-60%
  • Session duration from :55 to 2:30-3:00
  • Web traffic (daily users) increase of 25%
  • Majority of the user/traffic increase in the target market
  • Conversion rate (CRO) increase of 30%

I was hired on after the completion of this project as a Senior Marketing Consultant. 

Growth immediately…
Growth, settling in period and learning, then more growth