Rishika Foundation

Good advisory should accomplish one of two things – helping move you towards your objectives, or to help you to avoid pitfalls or major risks. My role as Joshua’s advisor started out as the former, and ended up at the latter. Here’s what happened.

Joshua had a major project he wanted to start – a US-based foundation with operations in India. He had connections, passion, and potential investment. My role in the beginning was to help him understand the range of decisions that need to be made, and made correctly. From banking, investment, establishing a board of directors, mission and vision, fundraising, and more.

This was our focus for several weeks.

But things changed, and as did my role as an advisor. My mission was Joshua’s success – not the blind continuation of one strategy or another.

Things changed. New risks presented themselves. Trusted contacts began to show inconsistency.

I talked Joshua through these risks so he understood the decisions and potential impacts. The result was the avoidance of the bad – Rishika Foundation did not take off, for now. There is certainly a future for Joshua’s plans and ambitions on this front, but it was not the right time in Q4 2018.

From listening to his philosophy podcast to having a strategy call – it is as if Evan meteorically fell from the sky to jump start my NGO project. I was lost wandering amongst a dark forest of confusion while building the foundational infrastructure to get my vision going. From banking to logistics to organizational insight and direction, Evan has helped bring my vision to a concrete plan guaranteed for future success.

Joshua Feister