Kevin Scott Photography

Kevin Scott is a professional photographer in Wisconsin, who specializes in professional and corporate headshots. Looking to take his evening and weekend business to the next level, he and his wife, Pam, contacted me in order to start the next phase of their business growth.

Their initial needs were straight forward: a professional website that allows them to market and communicate, and that establishes their brand and legitimacy in their community.

You can check out their website, here:

However, a website is just the start. How do you best communicate? How do you market this? Where? Is it more valuable to push Facebook ads or go business to business in your local community?

Ultimately, every new business has the same question starting out – how do we best focus our limited time and resources to put us in the best position in our early, and vulnerable, stage?

My work started with creating the website of their dreams, and the right language to both highlight and differentiate their work in a crowded field. From there, it was regular communication on using the website, marketing tools, and powerful communications to be more than just a pretty corner of the internet – but to meaningfully help grow their business.

In addition, I put in some nice scheduling tools to help automate their booking process. This saves them time and energy, as well as reduces errors, when they get new clients.

Evan is the consummate professional. He is timely in all his communications. He goes above and beyond to balance our future goals with start-up needs. He has us poised for growth in our headshot photography business. We look forward to working with Evan as our business grows.

Kevin Scott