ET Consulting

A-1 Fence Company

“Our current web developer has delivered a website that doesn’t work for our business. They are charging us a lot of money for hosting and services. And they aren’t making basic updates – even our company name has a typo on the homepage!”

This is how my relationship with A-1 Fence Company in Rock Hill, South Carolina began. Sadly, this is all too ordinary. Many web developers over charge for services and bill at high hourly rates. Many of these web companies also “withhold information” about their clients website so people don’t understand what they are paying for. This is not only unethical, but puts businesses at risk – if you don’t have positive control of your website information, you technically don’t own your brand online.

You’d never give the deed to your shop or company property to an outside firm. The same should be true of your domain, hosting, and online accounts.

My project began by getting back positive control of their domain and setting up their own dedicated hosting account (one that they directly owned). Then I got to work delivering the website they initially requested.

I completed their new website in under 24 hours.

In addition, and principally because A-1 Fence is a locally owned, small business, and veteran-owned small business, I offered my services for the remainder of 2019 pro bono to ensure that their website was appropriately monitored and that I could conduct continuous improvements throughout the year. I will also provide training for their staff on how to maintain their website on their own and understand the important elements. This will save them time, money, and stress in the future.

May 2019 Update: Website traffic is gradually growing. They are getting a much higher volume of customers through their user-friendly and readily available “request a quote” popup and in-line form function. I am now working with their staff on how to get quality testimonials from their customers, as well as encourage positive reviews after completed projects.