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A-1 Fence Company

“Our current web developer has delivered a website that doesn’t work for our business. They are charging us a lot of money for hosting and services. And they aren’t making basic updates – even our company name has a typo on the homepage!”

Rishika Foundation

“From listening to his philosophy podcast to having a strategy call – it is as if Evan meteorically fell from the sky to jump start my NGO project. I was lost wandering amongst a dark forest of confusion while building the foundational infrastructure to get my vision going. From banking to logistics to organizational insight and direction, Evan has helped bring my vision to a concrete plan guaranteed for future success.”

Danielle Sawan

Danielle Sawan is a world traveler, writer, and digital nomad who wanted to take her writing and brand to the next level. I consulted with her on her goals and helped outline a technical framework for getting this new phase off the ground.

Innerwork Counseling

“It is a pleasure working with Evan. He has constructed a website for me and has dedicated time to review and renew the website to accommodate new developments. Also, he naturally has a disposition towards recognizing and serving your best interests with honesty and clarity.”


VPSHISPEED is a VPS (virtual private server) and cloud hosting company located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They specialize in providing reliable, secure, and fast web and data hosting solutions for individuals and businesses in Thailand and southeast Asia.

2 Red Winery + Foundation

“In the need of redesigning a pair of websites, I was put in touch with Mr. Thomsen as someone who possessed special skills in web design and marketing. Mr. Thomsen tackled the project pair with enthusiasm, following it to completion as if it was a matter of personal interest and pride. His skills set in this regard was outstanding and the result exceeded expectation.”

Rimraming Restaurant

“I don’t know how much I can say thank you for the wonderful website and the valuable social media consulting to promote my restaurant. The restaurant is gradually increasing customers each month – we even had to expand our seating. Again, thank you so much, Evan.”