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Danielle Sawan

Danielle Sawan is a world traveler, writer, and digital nomad who wanted to take her writing and brand to the next level.

She had the right vision for her work and her future writing, but a website hosted by WordPress (and with a “dot WordPress” in the URL), while free, is not a strong option for someone serious about developing their own brand and identity.

I consulted with her on her goals and helped outline a technical framework for getting this new phase off the ground.

This included navigating her domain purchase and website hosting, setting up the new site with a clean WordPress installation and correct DNS settings, setting up https (security) protocols, blog and data transfer from her old site to a new site, and initial site construction, brand development, and setting the aesthetic foundation.

This foundation was all completed in one day. is now live and will be a powerful platform for her to publish her poetry, travels, and much more.

I had an amazing experience working with Evan. I shared with him my vision and inspiration for my website and he constructed it beautifully. He guided me through the entire process, set up the new platform for my website and gave me invaluable advice for my brand. I feel more confident in myself and my brand. Evan has inspired me to take control and be in charge of my own website design. His purpose is truly aligned with what he does. He is a passionate, patient and driven individual. I would recommend Evan to anyone looking to enhance their business or creative projects. 

Danielle Sawan

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