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The Intellectual Agrarian

Terrance is an organic inspector, writer, speaker, and podcaster, who I met in 2018 through our mutual interest in philosophy and podcasting. However, Terrance, like most independent creators, had little time to work on his brand and website amidst many other obligations.

This is where I came in – create a simple, easy to use for the creator, and easy to understand (and listen) for his audience, website. The new Intellectual Agrarian website was born, highlighting the imagery and colors Terrance had passively built in the background through his years of podcasting, episode by episode. As well as a simpler user interface that draws people into the most important action – Listen to the Podcast!

This project was completed in about one week.

Overtime, I have made small improvements and updates.

I have also been a guest on Terrance’s podcast. If you would like to check out these episodes (where we discuss philosophy, among many other things) check out episode 40 and 41 of his podcast.

May 2019 Update. Because I purchased another set of premium web-design tools, I went back to Terrance’s site, added these tools, and used a new feature from this pack that I knew would work great for displaying his episodes in an even more visually stunning way.

Working with Evan was easy and simple, which is what I needed. He was professional and efficient, taking the website quickly from conception to completion, checking with me along the way. The website is amazing, much better than anything I could have attempted on my own.

– Terrance Layhew