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Rimraming Restaurant

Putting a local restaurant on the map

Rimraming is the best restaurant in Chiang Mai. I might be a bit biased, but they moved into our local neighborhood and my wife and I are here at least five times a week. My claim, thus, is substantiated through my behavior.

I noticed an issue though – they had a template website set up that was incomplete, they weren’t on Google maps, and they weren’t on trip advisor. I told the owners of this family-owned restaurant that I could solve this for them – pro bono.

I did. They have an excellent website that works for their business, they are on trip advisor, and can be found on Google Maps.

I did get a few free meals out of this, so I suppose I got paid in line with the norms of history. I also think, at this point, that the Penang Curry with Roti will be named after me. But this was well worth my time and energy. Helping good people is always worth it.

Upon completion of this project, I developed Rimraming’s Instagram account and am continuing to build their social media presence.

I don’t know how much I can say thank you for the wonderful website and the valuable social media consulting to promote my restaurant. The restaurant is gradually increasing customers each month – we even had to expand our seating. Again, thank you so much, Evan.

– Pisansana Peanpojananarth Owner, Rimraming Restaurant

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