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I was approached by Joshua Feister through my podcast. He had listened to my work, and, himself having a background in philosophy, religious practice, and psychology, approached me. This led to a podcast invitation and a great conversation.

Through this process, I learned that he was in the early stages of developing an US-based foundation with operations (initially) in India. 

The conversation turned from philosophy, to business development.

Any major project that is trying to get off the ground needs a lot of energy. I helped provide that energy, as well as help orient Joshua and his co-founder towards their primary strategic goals. In short, everything can’t be accomplished today, but if you want to achieve your highest ambitions, you need to start with the needs in front of you.

I provided strategic consulting across a range of needs for Rishika Foundation. This included helping to navigate the legal 501(c)(3) process,  understanding the banking and finance needs, identifying fundraising targets, developing their website, setting up online donation integrations, and helping them prioritize many other tasks – from longterm planning to appropriately crafting their mission and vision.

If you want to listen to The Dialogues episode where Joshua was a guest, please check it out below.

From listening to his philosophy podcast to having a strategy call – it is as if Evan meteorically fell from the sky to jump start my NGO project. I was lost wandering amongst a dark forest of confusion while building the foundational infrastructure to get my vision going. From banking to logistics to organizational insight and direction, Evan has helped bring my vision to a concrete plan guaranteed for future success.

Joshua Feister

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