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For leaders at all levels who are looking to maximize their potential.

We're strategic advisors, not coaches or cheerleaders. We're here to build your success, not your ego or feelings.

What is advisory, really?

Great leaders have great advisors. This is a lesson from history that is often undervalued today. But what is great advisory?

From Cyrus to Shakespeare, great advisors have diverse expertise, a critical lens, and are incentivized, through both structure and principle, to say what needs to be said, as opposed to what you may want to hear.

I’ll take these in order.

Diverse expertise

Leaders and business owners are forced to specialize in their enterprise. This doesn’t mean they can’t be general practitioners of a sort, but that they necessarily must narrow their scope and are embroiled in the day-to-day of operations, staff, finances, and more. In a way, this is your obligation.

But this leaves blind spots.

New ideas are necessary to maintain any enterprise, particularly in an ever changing and complex world. Alternative perspective adds value.

An advisor without diverse expertise will have little value to offer you in the long term.

Critical lens

Leaders and business owners are surrounded by staff and management who are not employed for the purpose of critically analyzing operations and decision making. Their job is to execute and report.

An advisor can be empowered to poke holes in the system. They have the freedom to think outside the system or operations that exist. In essence, one cannot both do and critique, very effectively. But we need both to conduct proper analysis, review data, and deploy effective strategy.

The Hard Truths

How many empires and companies have declined because the leader fell under the spell of flattery?

Advisors exist to advance your interests and your strategic position, not to offer confirmation and praise at every turn.

In this sense, advisors are not “coaches.” Advisors are not “cheerleaders.” They are also not your staff. They offer private counsel and maintain their position on the basis of advancing your position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing $1,000 per month

This pricing is fairly fixed. It ensures a strong commitment between both parties and allows us to dedicate a tremendous amount of time and energy into maximizing your potential and accomplishing your strategic goals.

Please note that we only take five advisory clients at any given time, thus ensuring that we are never spread too thin or have to sacrifice quality and dedication to our clients.

Some topics that matter

Business Leadership and Philosophy

Business & Leadership Philosophy

The purpose of philosophy is to live, and lead, better.

Who is a great leader, to you? What examples from history, or stories from myth, do you use to inform your understanding of your role and responsibility? What is your next step on your personal ladder of success, and how will you get there?

These are some of the questions that I would ask you, and some of the core topics I would have us discuss in order to explore your personal philosophy in business and in leadership.

But why do I call this philosophy? Isn’t philosophy about thinking, whereas business is about action?

This is patently false.

You are acting out your philosophy, in life, in business, and in leadership, independent of your recognition. 

Your philosophy (or belief, faith) is not something merely derived from argumentation, a box you check on a form, or something you “self identify as.” No – your philosophy is what you do. 

The more you come to understand this, the more you will come to hone and clarify your philosophical thoughts and align them with your actions. 

This is the only true objective of philosophy – to live, and lead, better.

Consider this part of our partnership like a university, except where the lessons are tailored to you, tests are everyday in your role as a leader, and you will be graded by history.

Strategic & Risk Communications

Strategic & Risk Communications

The most likely negative impacts and most dangerous negative impacts must be understood by responsible leaders.

When a unit in the US Army gets a mission they receive what is called a “5 paragraph operations order” or Op-Order for short. The Op-Order outlines just about everything you could think of. But one section in particular is something often missing in business leadership circles – strategic and inter-organizational risk.

In the Op-Order, there are two sections that analyze the enemies most likely course of action as well as the most dangerous course of action.

We want to think the best of our competitors and colleagues, but no responsible leader can avoid considering the most likely negative impacts and the most dangerous negative impacts of decision-making, operations, staff, and communications.

As your advisor, I help you think through these scenarios so if, and when, negative situations arise, you are better prepared.



With the right “why,” you and your team can do anything.

From Nietzsche we know that “with a good enough why, we can bear any how.” This is your company vision statement.

Is it a hill you would die on? A charge you would die for?

It is common today to hear people talking about the importance of finding your why. I agree, but it is far understated. Your why is the life-blood of what you are doing and what everyone who works for you is doing. 

Are you trying to turn a city of bricks into a city of marble? If it’s not something like this, then why isn’t it?

If I’m on your team we are going to talk about your why, everyday, if necessary. We are going to talk about how to communicate it to your team, to your customers, and to the world.


What People Say About Us
Kevin scott photo

Evan is the consummate professional. He is timely in all his communications. He goes above and beyond to balance our future goals with start up needs. He has us poised for growth in our headshot photography business. We look forward to working with Evan as our business grows.

Kevin Scott
Owner, Kevin Scott Photography
Lani headshot_1

Evan is foremost, an achiever. His ability to strategize, set a direction, and motivate others is not something you see every day, or in every job. I have learned more from him about leadership and integrity than I have from most managers that I have worked under.

Lani Hollander
Managing Partner, Aiko Global Consulting
Pisansana Peanpojananarth

I don’t know how much I can say thank you for the wonderful website and the valuable social media consulting to promote my restaurant. The restaurant is gradually increasing customers each month – we even had to expand our seating. Again, thank you so much!

Pisansana Peanpojananarth
Owner, Rimraming Restaurant
Terrance Layhew

Working with Evan was easy and simple, which is what I needed. He was professional and efficient, taking the website quickly from conception to completion, checking with me along the way. The website is amazing, much better than anything I could have attempted on my own.

Terrance Layhew
Writer, Organic Inspector, and Host of the Intellectual Agrarian
todd peyton 4

It is a pleasure working with Evan. He has constructed a website for me and has dedicated time to review and renew the website to accommodate new developments. Also, he naturally has a disposition towards recognizing and serving your best interests with honesty and clarity.

Todd Peyton
Psychologist, Innerwork Counseling
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