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Consulting for SMEs, Family businesses, Creators, and Entrepreneurs.

For SMEs, Family businesses, Creators, and Entrepreneurs.

Hi, I’m Evan Thomsen, an army veteran, successful entrepreneur, and trusted consultant. I help SMEs, family businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs around the world. I specialize in sales, web design, marketing, and strategy, and have a serious amount of passion for seeing good businesses do better.

I do this because I love SMEs, family businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs.

You guys are my heroes. You take the risk, solve problems, and create value in the world. But when all that passion goes into your product or service, sometimes none is left over to make the sales you deserve. This is where I come in. I help sell great products and services, and add value wherever I can. This is my passion.

I don’t know how much I can say thank you for the wonderful website and the valuable social media consulting to promote my restaurant. The restaurant is gradually increasing customers each month – we even had to expand our seating.

– Pisansana Peanpojananarth

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing is philosophy and psychology, not secret tricks or gimmicks.

Every business, brand, or entrepreneur is in the business of sales. Whether it’s physical products, services, or getting people to fill out a form, we all have one ultimate goal: conversions. 

So, how do you get more conversions? 

  • People buy when they read words that they like.
  • People buy when things are presented in ways they are accustomed to.
  • People buy when they see, or think, other people are buying the same thing. 
  • People buy when they see something that solves their problem (not just a problem).
  • People buy when they feel that there is little to no risk in their purchase.
  • And people buy when they are asked to, and shown a clear, simple path, to purchase.

You may notice that none of this is exclusive to your product or service. This is true of everyone.

What I’ve learned is that business owners, passionate entrepreneurs, and expert creators often over sell, over explain, and forget what it’s like to be a new customer for their business. This is sometimes called “the curse of knowledge.” 

I set my clients up on a sales and marketing path that speaks to their customers. I love sales, and have learned that there are no secret tricks, just old-school information philosophy and psychology. 

Web Design

Complex websites made by expensive web-developers under perform for sales and put your business at risk.

With all due respect to web developers, your time has come. Creating websites no longer requires a degree in computer science, because the design process is now technically very simple. As such, computer science is now the worst background to have to be a good web designer.

Why is this?

Businesses don’t sell products and services because they have a fancy website! 

Custom coding, “back end development,” Java, CSS, C++, and so on – these have become technical terms designed to confuse and intimidate small business owners, artificially increase the price of their services, and put companies under the thumb of a technical specialist. 

Hire a web designer with a background in philosophy, psychology, and business management (spoiler alert: that’s me).

Complex websites, just like complex business practices, are more prone to error, are more expensive, and are more volatile. 

Websites that are dependent upon one person, just like business practices that depend on one person, put your company at risk, and don’t allow for safe, long-term business planning.

And, ultimately, a good website is not a fancy website (have you seen Google? Amazon? YouTube?) – but a simple, easy to use, functional, and clear website. It needs to follow the rules I’ve listed above, in the sales and marketing section.

I have never spent a day in a computer science class, and have created more than 30 websites, and have increased sales for all my clients.

It is a pleasure working with Evan. He has constructed a website for me and has dedicated time to review and renew the website to accommodate new developments. Also, he naturally has a disposition towards recognizing and serving your best interests with honesty and clarity.

– Todd Peyton

Strategy & Data Analytics

Strategy informs how you sell. Selling generates data. Data informs strategy.

Okay I’ve been avoiding buzzwords so far, so please forgive me for throwing in a couple at the end here. But your sales and marketing effort, to truly be effective for the long-term, needs to have a coherent, clear, yet flexible strategy, and one that is informed by quality data and analytics.

If you have a website and are using social media, your company is getting tons of data. Data is a potential resource, one that can be wasted and ignored, or one that can be used. Therein lies the rub – what is good data? Which information is more valuable? Should I be going for more traffic? More clicks? A lower website bounce-rate? Should I be advertising on FaceBook, Instagram, or LinkedIn? If one gives me more clicks, and the other a higher conversion rate, how do I measure the difference?

Unfortunately, a lot of bot-companies have thrown around the words “data analytics” to sell monthly subscriptions that promise you likes and follows. But what are likes and follows that don’t generate what truly matters: Conversions!

Similarly, other companies have offered to “send you a monthly google analytics report” for some monthly fee – did you know that you can get this from Google for free? – but what they also don’t tell you is what matters – how do you read the information! Pages of numbers without context and experience in reading the numbers tells you nothing.

My approach is simple:

  • Strategy informs your sales and marketing activities
  • Sales and marketing activities create quality data
  • Quality data informs strategy

Together, we will iterate this process to learn how we can more effectively sell your products and services.

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