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I f#©king love small businesses and entrepreneurs.

You guys are my heroes. You take the risk, solve problems, and create value in the world. But when all that passion goes into your product or service, sometimes none is left over to make the sales you deserve.

This is where I come in.

I help sell great products and services. This is my passion.

If that first paragraph is you, give me a call. I will increase your sales.

Increased sales and optimized marketing for...

  • VPS cloud hosting
  • High end lingerie
  • Natural health products
  • Chocolate
  • Nude photography
  • Wine
  • Hand-made children's room decor
  • HR training
  • Family-owned restaurants
  • Military-grade solar panels
  • Pastries
  • Hiking boots and dress shoes
  • Exotic suar wood tables
  • Fences

Around the world...

  • USA
  • Thailand
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Singapore
  • Albania
  • India

If you're here, it's likely one of my clients sent you.

My clients are my best advertisement. I’d be happy to put you in touch with any of them, from Seattle, to Nashville, to Gainsville, to Thailand, to Amsterdam.

You can see some of my completed projects and testimonials by clicking the link below.

Let's take a look at an example.

Here is one company’s web traffic before my work.

Here is their traffic after my work.

All this online growth was NOT the result of SEO (search engine optimization) improvements – but language, design, and coherence.

After all, sales is psychology, language is philosophy, and sustained growth is about iteration. This is what I do.

My initial work was completed in early October. Steady growth and data collection followed. A decline during the holiday period, and time for changes, more optimization, and applying lessons learned. Then into the new year, with record breaking traffic, and…

Look at the result that matters most – sales. This was the all-time monthly sales record for the company – by far.

My clients, results, and reputation are my only advertisement.

A bit more about me

I have served in the US Army, worked with businesses and nonprofits, and have helped start five companies. I have some degrees in international security and conflict analysis, and am currently completing my MBA. I love my life, my wife, and helping good people sell great products.

If you want to increase your sales, let’s talk. You can book me on the form below to schedule your free 1-hour consultation.

Why is it free? Because my 1-hour conversations usually result in a project and fair exchange. Most of those projects usually turn into a long-term business relationship.

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