About ET Consulting Results + Values

Here’s the situation – small communities are declining. While our generation protests, we decided to start our own company, and dedicate our work to serving the businesses that make communities prosper.

What's our why?

In 2016, we left D.C. and decided to start working together and didn’t look back. We offered our skills and passion to small businesses around the world. We didn’t just say we cared about small and family businesses, we lived it. And we’ve been successful in growing our business and others.

Our mission has become clear – provide out of this world service and advisory to the businesses that have formed the backbone of small communities for centuries.

We’ve found that we’re pretty good at small business consulting and advisory. We’ve worked with companies in many industries, many countries, and at many levels of development (from new companies to well established ones), and we have a track record of success, results, and honest counsel. But it isn’t just about results, as there are many web designers and marketing agencies out there. We’re different because we share your values

We’re not looking to make a quick buck off small businesses because we identified some market opportunity. We do it because we love small and family-owned businesses.

So that’s what we offer you – results + values.

It’s hard to be a saint in the city. So we took a different path, and of our own making. The story we’d like to write for our lives is one of excess virtue and enough wealth, rather than the other way around.

We hope to hear from you soon and to see if we can provide value to your business, your family, and your community.

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Evan Thomsen


Evan has served in the US Army, worked with businesses and nonprofits, and has helped start five companies. He has degrees in international security and conflict analysis, and is currently completing his MBA. Evan loves his life, his wife, and helping small businesses and leaders achieve their potential and do good in the world.

tyanna thomsen

Tyanna Thomsen


Tyanna is a social media guru, e-commerce specialist, and incredible project manager. A College of Charleston graduate and true Southerner, she is now living around the world and learning the community business trends of other countries and cultures. She is passionate about small communities, getting to know what makes them tick, and taking action by doing her part to hold them up.

Web design & SEO

We love building websites that don't just look great, but help you find, target, and convert visitors into customers.

Digital Marketing

We love to help sell great products and services. Whether online, social media, or building your marketing strategy.

Analytics & Strategy

Good data and strategy serves all. All our work ensures that we are answering, and serving, the strategic interests of your business.


Great leaders need advisors who bring diverse expertise, have a critical lens, and can tell the hard truths.

What People Say About Us

Evan is the consummate professional. He is timely in all his communications. He goes above and beyond to balance our future goals with start up needs. He has us poised for growth in our headshot photography business. We look forward to working with Evan as our business grows.

Kevin Scott
Owner, Kevin Scott Photography

Working with Evan has been an experience like no other! Not only has he assisted in building our brand and back end processes but he has been available at a minutes notice to accommodate our needs as a business. Thank you Evan!

Daniel Allen
Managing Director, All General Advice Team (AGAT)

I am very happy with everything Evan has done for my company. He has built my website and has done an amazing job. He is also very good in advising what will be the next steps to bring your company to the next level. I would definitely advise you to start working with him.

Renske de Gee
Owner, Expat Mom

Working with Evan was easy and simple, which is what I needed. He was professional and efficient, taking the website quickly from conception to completion, checking with me along the way. The website is amazing, much better than anything I could have attempted on my own.

Terrance Layhew
Writer, Organic Inspector, and Host of the Intellectual Agrarian

Evan is foremost, an achiever. His ability to strategize, set a direction, and motivate others is not something you see every day, or in every job. I have learned more from him about leadership and integrity than I have from most managers that I have worked under.

Lani Hollander
Managing Partner, Aiko Global Consulting

It is a pleasure working with Evan. He has constructed a website for me and has dedicated time to review and renew the website to accommodate new developments. Also, he naturally has a disposition towards recognizing and serving your best interests with honesty and clarity.

Todd Peyton
Psychologist, Innerwork Counseling